R&I Areas

ITMA has already been active for more than 25 years, and our technology centre has grown and incorporated new activities. Simultaneously, our productive environment and the demand for new services have evolved.

In its early stages, ITMA, as a local business association, limited its activities to a local business context, mainly providing technical assistance services. As a result of the changes occurred in our environment, ITMA Materials Technology has become a centre of excellence in the field of materials. ITMA is located in Asturias and provides companies with the technological competences considered to be critical for their competitiveness.

The R&D activities of our technology materials centre are broken down into areas of specialisation:

  • Steel and Metallic Alloys
  • Ceramics, refractories and raw materials
  • Plastics & Composites
  • Active Materials
  • Surfaces
  • Engineering