D. Metallic Materials    Structural Mechanics  Welding  Equipment  

Development of Metallic Materials:

  • Fusion pilot plant; induction an electric furnaces.
  • Heat treatment furnaces.
  • Light optical microscopes, electronic microscopes (SEM and FEG SEM) and XRD
  • Thermal analysis (DTA, TGA, DSC and DIL) and in situ thermal analysis.
  • Specific Software: Selector material (CES Selector) and thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations  (Thermo-Calc)
  • Rhesca hot-dip galvanizing simulator

Structural Mechanics:

  • Universal testing machines(up to 1 MN and 200 Hz) with furnaces (up to 1100ºC) and temperature champers (from -150ºC up to 300ºC) , for dynamic and static tests.
  • Static and dynamic multiaxial test rig
  • Creep and stress-rupture machines (until 1100ºC)
  • Stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen induced cracking test equipment.
  • Amplifier-logging device to experimental stress measurements by strain gage method
  • Pin-on-disc and reciprocating motion Tribometer


  • Welding robot cell with DX100 dynamic controller, utilizing CMT and TIG welding processes.
  • Lincoln gantry automatic welding machine for submerged arc welding process: single wire, tandem, tiny twin and multiwire system, with 3 power sources AC/DC 1000 SD
  • MIG/MAG/TIG/SMAW welding machines
  • Resistance spot welding equipment


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