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The Welding Unit develops its activity in collaboration with companies for providing solutions related to quality improvement and saving costs & time in issues in relation with such joining critical process.

Activities developed by this research group include the following:

  • Development of R&D Projects for manufacturing optimization.


  • Design of automated solutions, including simulation and robot cell CAD CAM offline programming for accessibility studies, trajectory calculation & optimization for different welded union options.


  • Weldability studies


  • Design and manufacturing of welding auxiliary systems


  • Arc-based additive welding.


  • Studies for welding sequence strategies and setting of parameters. Welding and Manufacturing Plan.
  • Sequence Analysis through FEA (in collaboration with Engineering Area)
  • Welded distortion analysis in large welded structures through FEM and associated experimental programme (welding coupons and macros). You can check more detailed information here.

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  • Failure Analysis in Welded Unions.


  • Unconventional metallurgical analysis: Welded unions HAZ analysis and studies. Execution of mechanical test following European or American certification criteria, or under client´s definition, for its whole evaluation. Metallographic characterization.


  • In-Service Hydrogen embrittlement Analysis.


  • Design of heat or specific treatments.
  • Execution of welding procedures and welder homologation


  • Mock-up manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing of NDT reference blocks with induced defects.More information is available here.



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