Structural Mechanics

D. Metallic Materials    Structural Mechanics  Welding  Equipment  

The Structural Mechanics unit performs research in the evaluation of products, components and structures that must operate safely and reliably under severe service conditions. It integrates aspects of stress analysis, welding processes, materials behavior and the mechanics of failure into the engineering design process.



  •  Characterization of in-service materials behavior.
  •  Experimental stress analysis and residual stress measurements.
  •  Fracture mechanics study: da/dN tests and determination of KIC, JIC and CTODC parameters of base materials and welds.
  •  High cycle fatigue and Low cycle fatigue characterization.
  •  Full-scale fatigue testing of components and structures under multiaxial loads.
  •  Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and hydrogen induced cracking (HIC).
  •  High and low temperature testing.
  •  Fitness for service.
  •  Full-scale wear analysis of materials and coatings.
  •  Weldability studies and WPS design.
  •  Metallurgical testing and metallographic weld evaluations.
  •  Specification for welding repairs and overlays.
  •  Manual and robotic welding procedures development services.
  •  Failure Analysis.

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