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The R&D&I and Quality System (certified by AENOR and accredited by ENAC) provides the organization a differentiating factor characterizing the company with an image, which provides the confidence and loyalty of its customers.


This system has been certified by AENOR according to the following standards:

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001 "Quality management systems. Requirements"

The ISO 9001 certification is the quality standard commonly recognized on a national and international level that is based on the continuous improvement of processes and which enables us to demonstrate our commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • UNE 166002 "R&D&I Management. Requirements of the R&D&I Management System".

The ITMA’s R&D&I Management System enables us to systematically improve our R&D&I activities, providing useful guidelines to organise and manage effectively this type of activities.


The qualification of the technical personnel that realizes the tests and the specialization of our equipments and laboratories , have taken us to the attainment of the recognition ENAC, based on the standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025, for the accomplishment of the following tests / calibrations:

  • Material testings in the Industrial Sector (60/LE154): metallic materials and refractory materials.
  • Calibrations (86/LC10.058) in the following areas:
    • Temperature and Humidity
    • Pressure and vacuum.
    • Electricity CC, low-frequency
    • Dimensional.
    • Mechanical-mass.
    • Acustic and ultrasounds
    • Gas concentration
    • Optics

In addition, ITMA Foundation has been accredited by ENAC (396/EI693) as inspection body under the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard to carry out the State metrological control: instruments in service phase

 You can check the scope of our accreditations here or on the ENAC website ENAC

Other recognitions

We are approved suppliers of companies as IDESA, DURO FELGUERA and ENSA for the realization of tests needed by regulation ASME III.

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