Other Collaborations

ITMA, due to its collaborative and innovative spirit and its 25 years’ experience in the technology and research fields, has established close links with other regional, national and international technology centres and organizations.




On a global level, we collaborate, among others, with:

  • MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Collaboration whereby a researcher from the centre stayed for more than two years in that Institute, carrying out research studies on luminescent solar concentrators.
  • The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, of London. Collaboration whereby several researchers from the centre have spent time at this Institute, carrying out work on biomaterials.
  • Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL). Collaboration agreement for capacity-building in energy advances
  • Fraunhofer-Institutfür Solare Energiesysteme ISE.Collaboration agreement whereby several researchers from the centre undertake periods of work/study at this Institute.

Examples of collaborations in projects with national centres:

  • CTC. Centro Tecnológico de Componentes.
  • ITC. Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica.
  • AIMPLAS. Instituto tecnológico del plástico.
  • Centro Tecnológico LEITAT.
  • CTAG. Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia.
  • Tekniker. Centro de la Mecatrónica, las Tecnologías de Fabricación y las Microtecnologías.
  • AINIA. Centro Tecnológico en Innovación y Desarrollo para la industria de la Alimentación.
  • Fundación CIDAUT. La Fundación para la Investigación y Desarrollo en Transporte y Energía.
  • LABEIN. Centro tecnológico especializado en diferentes áreas como estructuras, materiales, Internet-Intranet, ingeniería de software, electrónica.
  • AIMEN. Asociación de Investigación Metalúrgica del Noroeste.
  • CIEMAT. Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas.

At the regional level there are collaborations with, among others:

  • Fundación Prodintec. Strategic Alliance. Collaboration in R&D Projects.
  •  Fundación CTIC.
  • Centro Tecnológico Forestal y de la Madera (CETEMAS).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Foundation ITMA, underpinning its commitments in sustainability and solidarity, has signed a collaboration agreement with SEUR Foundation by which commits to collaborate in recycling plastics taps for helping children with health problems. This initiative, aims strengthening ITMA´s Corporate Social Responsibility, becoming a “cap-recycling company”. More information on the project: